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History of the Township of Fauquier-Strickland

The village of Fauquier is part of the Townships of Shackleton and Machin. The Townships of Shackleton and Machin were constituted in a municipality on December 24th, 1921 by the declaration of the judge and they were incorporated in 1922.

On May 18th, 1984, the royal approval ratifies the project of law treating the renaming of the two Townships of Shackleton and Machin with that of the Corporation of the Township of Fauquier-Strickland. This one owes its name to Mr. Fauquier and brothers who were holders of a construction contract of the bridge and railway of the National Canadian. Since January 1st, 1997, the municipality increased its borders by annexing the western part of the Township of Haggart, as well as the Township of Beardmore, Carmicheal, Macvicar and Stinger.

The municipality of Fauquier-Strickland includes three communities; Fauquier, Gregoire Mills and Strickland. The total population of the Township is of 590 inhabitants which include 257 dwellings following the last census of 2006.  Moreover, Fauquier-Strickland is the third greatest municipality in the area with a surface of 1013.54km2.

  • The  Trillium represents Ontario.
  • The two lily flowers represent our French communities.
  • The Groundhog which is our mascot takes its name after the Groundhog River.
  • The spruce represents our main industry in Fauquier-Strickland.

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