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Fauquier 100th Anniversary

In 2022, the Community of Fauquier is celebrating 100 years of culture and heritage!  Information on various events and festivities to commemorate this milestone will be updated regularly as they become available.

We would like to thank the following individuals who have volunteered to sit on the 100th Anniversary Committee to plan and organize the celebrations:

Mayor, Madeleine Tremblay

Councillor, Anne-Lynn Kucheran

Director of Municipal Services, Nathalie Vachon

Administrative Assistant, Roxanne Hébert

Member at large, Alex Albert

Member at large, Gilles Pineault

Member at large, Claude Brunet

Calendar of Events

The 100th Anniversary Committee has been meeting regularly to plan and organize the various events and festivities for the 100th anniversary of Fauquier.  Every month, an event will be held to commemorate this moment.  We would like to thank the following organizations for their assistance in organizing events:

  • Génération Plus

  • Fauquier Knights of Columbus

  • Fauquier Public Library

  • Fauquier Fire Department

Without the help of our volunteers and organizations, the events would not be possible.  100 years is a special milestone that requires significant planning or organization to make it a success!

To access the calendar of events, please click here.

Family Photo Album

Photo Gallery

To access our gallery of photos, please click here.

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