The Township of Fauquier-Strickland owns and operates two public cemeteries:

Fauquier Public Cemetery




Strickland Public Cemetery





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To purchase interment rights:






To arrange burials:
Burial arrangements can be made through the Municipal Office or Guenette Funeral Home.

Number of burials allowed in plots:
Only one coffin may be buried in a single plot.  Please contact the Municipal Office in regards to urn on a plot.

Locating graves:
Please contact the Fauquier-Strickland Municipal Office.

Only installers approved by the Municipality are authorized to install monuments in the local cemeteries. All fees must be paid before a monument can be installed at a gravesite.

All upright monuments must be installed on a concrete foundation that is at least 3 inches thick, and having dimensions of at least 3 inches wider and 3 inches longer than the monument base itself.  Foundation may not exceed 48 inches.  Upright monuments may be erected on all plots within our cemeteries, except on cremation plots where only flat markers are allowed. Only one upright monument is aloud per plot.  An upright monument can only have a maximum height of 30 inches including base plus foundation.

A flat marker may be installed at grade on any plot, in addition to an upright monument.

For additional information in regards to cemeteries, please contact the Fauquier-Strickland Municipal Office at (705) 339-2521. 

31 Grzela Road

Fauquier, Ontario

P0L 1G0

343 Highway #11

Strickland, Ontario

P0L 2C0

Interment rights may be purchased at the Municipal Office or arrangements can be made with Guenette Funeral Home in Kapuskasing.


Contact municipal staff at (705) 339-2521 or telephone Guenette Funeral Home at (705) 335-2433.

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