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Community Events

The Township of Fauquier-Strickland is fortunate to have local organizations who are dedicated to offering various social and cultural events for the residents of the community.  Social and cultural events are an important aspect to ensure residents of all ages have the opportunity to participate various activities such as crafts, workshops, social games, and activities to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Municipal Council have approved the rehabilitation of the Community Centre to provide residents with a place where daily activities and social events will be organized.  Renovations are currently underway and are funded by the Federal G as Tax Fund.


Community Hub Calendar

Click here to access the monthly calendar of events and activities.

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Génération Plus

Génération Plus is a very dedicated and community involved local non-profit organization that offers, on a regular basis, various activities and events for its members.  Click here to access their calendar of events.

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Fauquier Knights of Columbus

The Fauquier Knights of Columbus are an active organization within the community who strive to offer annual carnivals, brunches, visit from Santa, etc., for the residents of the community and surrounding areas.  Please click here to access the events calendar.

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