Economical Development 

The discussion of hiring an Economic Development Officer started in 2005 with the municipal Council . The municipality applied for a subsidy under the FedNor Youth Internship Program in 2006 and was successful.

It is in April of 2007 that our officer, Mélanie Migneault, was hired.  She started working for the municipality in mid April of 2007.

Since then, projects were accomplished and undertaken.

July 2008
Received a subsidy under the Communities in Action Fund (CIAF) a key component of Active 2010 from the Ministry of Health and Promotion.  This subsidy in the amount of $ 26,830 helped to purchase sports equipment for our different programs.

March 2008
Received a subsidy from North Claybelt Community Futures Development Corporation in the amount of $ 3665.00 for the development of a municipal website.

June 2007
Applied for a subsidy under the Rural Economic Development Program for the enhancement of the Fauquier Medical Centre.  The subsidy was not successful due to capital work component that was required.  We are still pursuing the project through other avenues.    

May 2007 - Present
Public meetings with the municipal Council and the residents were done in order to have discussions in regards to the municipalities Strategic Plan.  The Strategic Plan is being developed to this date. 

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Fauquier-Strickland will make every effort to contribute to society, where every citizen will have equal access to health care services and can live in a wholesome environment.

We are dedicated in promoting our quality of life through community economic development activities and to stabilize and gradually grow our population.  We will encourage recycling and reduce municipal energy costs.  We will support existing businesses and attract new ones.  We shall revitalize the communities at the socio-economic level to ensure there viability.