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Grégoire Mills is an agglomeration situated between Fauquier and Strickland, mileage 44 to 48, but belonging to Fauquier.  Nowadays, Grégoire Mills counts approximately 15 families, but there was a time when this center made growing great strides.

In 1916, 4 families resided in Grégoire Mills: Michel Côté, Elzéar Gagnon, Pit Moffat, and Napoléon Villeneuve. At that time, a land of 150 acres was sold 75$.

February 8th 1917, Philippe Richard along with his son Henry age 8 and Napoléon Grégoire arrived in Grégoire Mills.  They had brought their belongings: furniture, food and animals in 2 train stock cars.

In the summer of 1917, Napoléon Grégoire built a general store.  In the same summer, François-Xavier Martel arrived to build a saw mill under the orders of Napoléon Grégoire.  The mill started operating with more than 30 men employed in 1918.  At that time, the men would saw 18 288 meters (60 000 feet) of wood per day.  It is in  honor of M. Grégoire and his mill that we have baptized that section: Grégoire Mills.

In 1921, Napoléon Grégoire sold his saw mill to the Finlanders who then demolished the saw mill and devoted themselves to the sale of wood in the destination of the paper mills of Quebec.

At that present time, no practicable way connected Fauquier to Grégoire before 1922.

Residents of mileage 48 raised a chapel named " La chapelle du rocher" which was served during the summer months by Father Rigaudie.

In 1918, the first school was built on lot 14, concession 10, on the property of Philippe Richard.  Marie Luce Gauthier was the first teacher.  She received two dollars per month per child which was paid by the parents.  

In 1926-27, the residents proceeded with the establishment of a second school built on lot 13, concession 10 near Wellington.  A big classroom was built in order to receive students from various ages and in order to offer different courses.  

As the cut of woods decreased, the residents decided to move elsewhere.  

The residents still living in Grégoire Mills nowadays appreciate the space, great outdoors, tranquility and remain proud of their residence. 

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