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Health Services

Mission Statement
The Fauquier-Strickland Health Centre provides primary health care to the residents of Fauquier and Strickland, as well as provides rapid assessment and basic stabilization of clients with life and limb threatening conditions.  The focus is on community awareness and education, prevention of illness and promotion of healthy lifestyle.

Vision Statement

In cooperation with each individual, the personnel of Fauquier-Strickland Health Centre will promote "a healthy mind in a healthy body" image amongst the residents.

Organization Description

The location of the Health Centre is at 27 Grzela Road, Fauquier, Ontario, P0L 1G0, telephone number 705-339-6341.  Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 4:00.  The Health Centre provides services to all residents of Fauquier-Strickland.  A General Practitioner attends the Fauquier-Strickland Health Centre on a weekly basis.  Other physicians on a "as required basis" hold pap test, breast examination clinics and Wellness Women clinics.  A Registered Nurse (RN) staffs the Centre during the hours of operation.  There is no Registered Nurses on-call at any time.  The Registered Nurse will assess, plan, implement and evaluate the care of all clients who present themselves to the Health Centre.

The Health Centre maintains programs for health promotion, health maintenance and responds to emergency situations.

The Registered Nurse follows the physician's directives, makes appointments and follow-up appointments to specialized treatment centres.

The Registered Nurse coordinates the activities of the Health Centre with the Public Health Unit, Community Care Access Centre, and Nurse Practitioner.

The population of Fauquier-Strickland is primarily French.  The Health Centre offers their services and programs in French and English when required.

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