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The Municipal Clerk is the official Corporate Secretary to Municipal Council, appointed to office by Municipal Council pursuant to provincial legislation (Municipal Act, 2001).

The Municipal Clerk is the Returning Officer who is responsible for and conducts the regular municipal elections every four years.  The Municipal Clerk receives nominations from candidates for the office of mayor, councillor, and trustee for each of four school boards.  The Municipal Clerk is also the Returning Officer for all municipal by-elections and elections for which Council seeks a response from the electors to a question on the ballot.

The Municipal Clerk prepares agendas for meetings of Council and keeps minutes of the meetings of Council.  All supporting materials for business to be considered at meetings of Council must be filed with the Municipal Clerk by the established deadline of 4:00pm on the  Thursday prior to the meeting.

The Municipal Clerk receives applications from persons wanting to appear before Council as a delegation at a meeting of Council.  More information on making a deputation / delegation to Council can by found by clicking here.  

The Municipal Clerk accepts applications from persons seeking appointment by Council to the various committees and boards that have been established by Council.  The terms of appointment for most of the committees is two years, however, some have legislated terms of four years concurrent with the term of Council.


Nathalie Vachon
Municipal Clerk
Phone: 705-339-2521

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