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The first colonist of Strickland was Etienne Brassard of Saint-Jérôme, Lac St-Jean.  Mr. Brassard arrived on Thursday August 10th, 1916 accompanied by his daughter, his son, Georges Imbeau, Jos Tremblay and his spouse, d'Alfred Tremblay, de Philippe Imbeau and Georges Fortin.

The night of their arrival, they slept in Fauquier.  The following morning, they were put to work by building a shelter made of trees in which they resided for 15 days.  The men built a camp made of round wood which then became the first parish church.

Etienne Brassard gave 70 acres of land in order to build a church.  The priest would have a place to stay free of charge and equipped with all the necessary appliances.  Mr. Joseph Tremblay built a black cross made of wood.  On August 25th 1916, the cross was blessed and that same day the residents celebrated the first mass.  The following mass was only held in June of 1917.

On July 29th 1923, the first priest (Jules Cimon) arrived in Strickland.  At that time, Strickland had 23 families and 18 single residents.  

The first school established in Strickland was founded by priest Jules Cimon.  In September of 1923, the first classes started in the chapel.  Miss Armoza Lefebvre was the first teacher.  She taught 23 children.  The residents would generously make sacrifices to maintain their school and offer $70 monthly in order to pay the teacher.

David and Hermel Brassard were the first merchants of Strickland.  After 32 years of business, they decided to sell their store.

The first postmaster in Strickland was Thomas-Louis Brassard. 

In 1919, Mr. Thomas-Louis Brassard built the first saw mill.

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